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no seriously let’s lay this all out

  • Sansa starts the series at eleven years old and is currently thirteen
  • She is currently the successor to Winterfell, the Lady of Casterly Rock, in line for Riverrun and near to becoming the ruler of the Eyrie
  • She managed to trick her…


With chronic illness sometimes all I need is for people to understand that they don’t understand.




imagine Bucky goes to have a blood test one time and the nurse can’t find a vein

and they’re like ‘are you sure it’s this arm you usually have blood taken from?? maybe i should try the other one’

and he just looks at them like 


‘sure if you can find it in a ravine in Europe somewhere’

I think I might adapt a new “It’s done when it’s done” attitude towards my cosplay, especially while I’m still recovering from my depression and still struggle getting motivated to do things. That way, I shouldn’t feel rushed and won’t sacrifice craftsmanship for a deadline.



how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.

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